Jerusalem SandalsJesse - Jesse Jesse 12333 SandalsJesse Hombres Marrón 885e1ed -

Jerusalem SandalsJesse - Jesse Jesse 12333 SandalsJesse Hombres Marrón 885e1ed

Suela de Sintético
Plantilla de piel suave de calidad superior, se amolda a los pies proporcionan mayor comodidad durante más tiempo que los lleves puestos
Hecho a mano por expertos artesanos Palestina con 100% piel de alta calidad en el estilo tradicional del antiguo Jerusalén
Suela de poliuretano ligero son increíblemente resistente, flexible y duradera
Doble cosido para mayor resistencia y durabilidad.
Las suelas de poliuretano de absorción de golpes y distribuir la energía de impacto de manera uniforme


Tight deadlines and even tighter budgets may hinder your ability to provide on time and in budget dimensional inspection for new projects, capability study, or manufacturing process improvements. Bobier Metrology Solutions has been in manufacturing – inspection business for over 60 years!

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The parts you manufacture or assemble for your customers are only as good as they are accurate. And accurate measurement requires precise equipment and audited processes by a third party.

Bobier Metrology Solutions is A2LA Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025, and is the ultimate source for the calibration services of your CMM, Optical Comparator, Tool Pre-Setter, Vision System or Digital Readout Units.
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Bobier offers a full range of services with full 3D measuring capabilities, including Touch Probe, Laser, and Vision. Other specialties include Surface & Roundness Measurements, and Portable CMM Services at your location or ours.

The services Bobier offers are globally reconginzed as best in class. However unless our services meet our customers real needs, all the recognition in the world is meaningless. By offering extensive training, skilled staffing, and expert calibration. Bobier continues the tradition of exceptional customer care and support…. Keeping our customers coming back.

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Why Choose Bobier
1. Best In Class?
The Bobier Difference

The products and services Bobier offers are globally recognized as best in class. Through our training programs we assist our customers to effectively use the metrology systems we supply. This insures all customers needs to improve their products via improved accuracy and process control are achieved.

Jerusalem SandalsJesse - Jesse Jesse 12333 SandalsJesse Hombres Marrón 885e1ed -

2. Experience?
Over 60 Years

Since 1946, Bobier Metrology Solutions has been committed to determining and meeting customer needs for accurate metrology systems and services. This is the foundation on which our business is built. Each day we recognize that it is only in our customer’s success makes us successful. Our customers, in turn, have supported us with repeat business for three generations.

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